The program is an investment advisory program with continuous and regular supervision of investments by WS Wealth Managers Inc. using the advanced brokerage custodian platform provided by FOLIOfn Investments.

Combinations of stocks, exchange traded funds (ETF's), Closed End Funds (CEF's), as well as limited fixed income securities and mutual funds are combined into "model" FOLIO's designed to accomplish specific investment objectives. Subcriptions to certain combinations of FOLIO's and periodic modifications are designed to provide for superior risk management and an efficient and optimized form of Dynamic Asset Allocation custom tailored to each investor.

A "typical" portfolio in the program, analyzed using Morningstar Office software indicates a high degree of diversification with 1500 equity and 500 fixed income holdings. This level of diversification is possible, even in smaller accounts, in part because of the ability of the FOLIOfn platform to trade fractional shares.

Wednesday, April 25, 2012

1st Quarter WS FOLIO Performance

Dividend Income and Pipeline MLP's paying high dividends lagged the market considerably. These were the best performing FOLIO's in 2011. The worst performing FOLIO's in 2011, namely International Opportunity and Aggressive Growth did quite well this quarter.  Clearly in 2011, low risk was popular and in the first quarter, the riskiest strategies did well.

Fixed Income did very poorly in the first quarter, with supposedly "risk free" 2 year Treasuries actually declining.  The senior loans in Hedged Income outperformed in this environment.

The Classic Defensive FOLIO lagged the market in this quarter, taking a rest after returning 12% in 2011 when the S&P500 return was zero.

Clearly this was a "Risk On" quarter, and so far in April, is showing to be a period when the markets got ahead of themselves a bit.  So far markets are down for the month of April.

Below is the list of FOLIO's and their performance 12/31/2011-03/31/2012.

Rising Rates  14.24%
International Opportunity 14.24%
Aggressive Growth 13.75%
Swiss/So Germany EuroZone 12.97%

                               S&P500 Domestic Benchmark  12.00%

Food Production 11.37%

                               DJ  Developed World Ex US  10.30%

Japan 9.93%
Energy Resources 7.60%
Moderate 70/30 Core 7.50%
REITS and Resources 5.84%

Hedged Income 2.81%
Pipeline MLP 2.75%
Dividend Income 2.41%

Classic Defensive 1.33%
Utility Fixed Income 0.05%
                                2 year Treasuries -0.10%


Tuesday, April 24, 2012

WS FOLIO Rankings 1st Qtr 2012

Money Manager Review Ratings (Qtr Ending 3/31/2012)
WS Wealth Managers Inc. WS Managed FOLIO's
1 yr 3 yr 5 yr
US Equity Multi-Cap Value
WS Pipeline MLP #1 #6 #1
US Balanced Large Cap Value
WS Classic Defensive #1 #9 #1
US Fixed Income Core Bond-Blend
WS Preferred Utility Income #5 #2 #2
Global Balanced Multi-Cap Value
WS Moderate 70/30 Composite #1 NA NA
Global Balanced Multi-Cap Blend
WS Moderate Core #1 #7 #2
WS International Opportunity #11 #1 #1
Global Equity Multi-Cap Growth
WS Aggressive Growth #12 #11 #1
Global Equity Large Cap Value
WS Rising Rates #3 #8 #2
Global Equity Multi-Cap Value
WS Dividend Income #2 #6 #1
WS Energy Resources #8 #8 #2
International Equity Multi-Cap Core
WS Japan #1 #1 #1
International Equity Multi-Cap Value
WS Swiss/So Germ Euro Zone #10 #10 #3